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Chassis PowerEdge C5000 Dell Active System 1000 Dell Active System 200 Dell Active System 50 Dell PowerEdge 2970 Rack Server Dell PowerEdge VRTX PowerEdge 1300 PowerEdge 1400SC PowerEdge 1500SC PowerEdge 1550 PowerEdge 1600SC PowerEdge 1650 PowerEdge 1655MC PowerEdge 1750 PowerEdge 1800 PowerEdge 1850 PowerEdge 1855 PowerEdge 1900 PowerEdge 1950 Rack Server PowerEdge 1955 PowerEdge 2100 PowerEdge 2200 PowerEdge 2300 PowerEdge 2400 PowerEdge 2450 PowerEdge 2500 PowerEdge 2500SC PowerEdge 2550 PowerEdge 2600 PowerEdge 2650 PowerEdge 2800 PowerEdge 2850 PowerEdge 2900 PowerEdge 2950 PowerEdge 300 PowerEdge 300SC PowerEdge 3250 PowerEdge 350 PowerEdge 400SC PowerEdge 4100 PowerEdge 4300 PowerEdge 4350 PowerEdge 4400 PowerEdge 4600 PowerEdge 500SC PowerEdge 600SC PowerEdge 6300 PowerEdge 6350 PowerEdge 6400 PowerEdge 6450 PowerEdge 650 PowerEdge 6600 PowerEdge 6650 PowerEdge 6800 PowerEdge 6850 PowerEdge 6950 PowerEdge 700 PowerEdge 7150 PowerEdge 7250 PowerEdge 750 PowerEdge 800 PowerEdge 830 PowerEdge 840 Tower Server PowerEdge 8450 PowerEdge 850 PowerEdge 860 PowerEdge C1100 Rack Server PowerEdge C2100 Rack Server PowerEdge C6100 Rack Server PowerEdge C6105 Rack Server PowerEdge C6145 Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge C8000 PowerEdge EL PowerEdge External Media System 1434 PowerEdge External Media System 1634 PowerEdge External Media System 753 PowerEdge M520 (for PE VRTX) PowerEdge M600 Blade Server PowerEdge M605 διακομιστή blade PowerEdge M610 blade διακομιστή PowerEdge M610X blade διακομιστή PowerEdge M620 (for PE VRTX) PowerEdge M710 blade διακομιστή PowerEdge M710HD blade διακομιστή PowerEdge M805 διακομιστής Blade PowerEdge M820 (for PE VRTX) PowerEdge M905 Λεπίδα διακομιστή PowerEdge M910 blade διακομιστή PowerEdge M915 blade διακομιστή PowerEdge R200 Rack Server PowerEdge R210 διακομιστή rack Poweredge R300 του διακομιστή PowerEdge R310 Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge R410 Διακομιστής PowerEdge R415 Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge R420xr PowerEdge R510 Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge R515 Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge R610 διακομιστή rack PowerEdge R710 rack διακομιστή PowerEdge R715 Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge R805 Rack Server PowerEdge R810 Διακομιστές Rack Poweredge R815 Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge R900 διακομιστή rack PowerEdge R905 ράφι διακομιστή PowerEdge R910 Διακομιστές Rack PowerEdge R920 PowerEdge SC 420 PowerEdge SC 430 PowerEdge SC 440 PowerEdge SC1420 PowerEdge SC1425 PowerEdge SC1430 PowerEdge SC1435 PowerEdge SDS 100 (Storage System) PowerEdge SP 4__ PowerEdge SP 5__ PowerEdge SP 5__-2 PowerEdge SP 51__-2 (ATI Mach64) PowerEdge SP 575-2 PowerEdge T100 Server PowerEdge T105 Tower Server PowerEdge T110 Διακομιστής tower PowerEdge T20 PowerEdge T300 Tower Server PowerEdge T310 Διακομιστής tower PowerEdge T410 Διακομιστής tower PowerEdge T605 Tower Server PowerEdge T610 tower διακομιστή PowerEdge T710 Διακομιστές PowerEdge Web Server PowerEdge XE 4__ PowerEdge XE 5__ PowerEdge XE 5__-2 PowerEdge XE 51__-2 (ATI Mach64) PowerEdge XL 5133-4 poweredge-c410x σασί επέκταση Διακομιστής blade Dell PowerEdge M620 Διακομιστής blade PowerEdge M420 Διακομιστής blade PowerEdge M520 Διακομιστής blade PowerEdge M820 Διακομιστής rack Dell PowerEdge C6220 Διακομιστής rack Dell PowerEdge R620 Διακομιστής rack Dell PowerEdge R720 Διακομιστής rack Dell PowerEdge R720xd Διακομιστής rack Dell PowerEdge R820 Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge C5125 Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge C6220 II Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge R210 II Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge R220 Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge R320 Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge R420 Διακομιστής rack PowerEdge R520 Διακομιστής tower PowerEdge T110 II Διακομιστής tower PowerEdge T320 Διακομιστής tower PowerEdge T420 Διακομιστής tower PowerEdge T620 Μικροδιακομιστής rack PowerEdge C5220 Περίβλημα blade Dell PowerEdge M1000e Συναθροιστής εισόδου/εξόδου Dell PowerEdge M